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This is what happens when I can't sleep - Not Another
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Date: 2009-07-12 14:31
Subject: This is what happens when I can't sleep
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I feel like I should be listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers ca. 1991?

Due to an extremely messed up sleep schedule, I ended up just not sleeping Friday night. When I noticed the light coming in the windows, I figured why take advantage of the early morning "golden hour" and wandered around downtown Albany with a couple cameras. I wasn't expecting much, which is always a good plan if you want results to exceed expectations. Of course, the time of day lent itself to more shadow work.

I'm still a bit tired and for the last two days have felt like I've come off a three week bender including coke and strippers. Not that I have firsthand experience of what that feels like, but this is what I imagine it must be.

Today we're taking a field trip to an urbex site that S found, about a mile away. I've got B&W film in the Pentax so I'll be taking that along with the Rebel. In other good news, I finally wrote a check so I officially own my first DSLR.

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