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I'm just not that into me.
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This blog seems to be becoming a sort of photoblog.

"Go to---thou art a fool," said the Templar; "thy superstition is upon a
level with Front-de-Boeuf's want of faith; neither of you can render a
reason for your belief or unbelief."
- Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
bathtub gin, boone's farm, botflies, box jellyfish, breast augmentation mishaps, britney spears, cellular mitosis, cheese, cooking with menstrual blood, emo, final fantasy xxiv, homemade porn, homeopathic cold sore remedies, hunting, lemon squares, making paper clip chains, marinara sauce, michael jackson's love life, nihilistic existentialism, obscure anal sex references, particle physics, people reading my interests, potassium nitrate, punches to the duodenum, rapping dinosaurs, shaved poodles, staring at strangers inappropriately, taiwanese prostitutes, the amish, the jesus testicle myth, trichinosis, twizzlers, urinary tract infections, vaginal tearing, water skiing squirrels